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Everyone knows that life happens, sometimes you have to break the speed limit to get to work on time or get to that important doctor's appointment. No, I'm not telling you to break the law but let's be honest sometimes it happens. Sometimes traffic even moves faster then what is posted and you have to move at the speed of traffic so that you don't cause an accident. However, now there are apps that will help you avoid speeding tickets and all around dangers on the road. The ways that these apps help are:

Automatic Break Systems

This is a system that is installed on a computer on a car, In the last few years Hyundai has an automatic brake system that uses not only cameras but sensors as well so that it can alert drivers to the dangers ahead, for example, a broken down car on the road, or a car stopped in a blind spot. The system will use the broken system to stop if the driver does not react fast enough. This new technology is starting in Australia and South Korea, no luck for the U.S but do not worry it will probably head your way soon.

Radar Detector Advancement

Radar detection has been around forever as a way to know if the cops are near. Now there is technology has improved the systems by using GPS. The Passport 9500ix is one of those systems. It uses a database to mark typical speed trap areas ad also redlight and speed cameras. This system has helped many people avoid tickets and the device itself costs around 450 dollars and the subscription to use the service is only 20 dollars annually.

Spotter for Roadside Camera

Like the detector above that uses a database for information for drivers. There are other systems as well. TomTom and Garmin also provide those services. Then there is Phantom Alert which is a smartphone app that shows red light cameras, speed cameras, and high traffic along your route. It has audible alert so you have time to slow down and it even claims to tell drivers about checkpoints. So if you hate tickets this is the service for you.

Information Sharing

The real-time app Waze helps drivers help each other. It helps drivers alert each other to the best routes, updates on traffic and road information. Waze can also mark locations of police presence, it may not be right on the money but it does give drivers a heads up on possible hot spots of police activity.


This is an app that turns your phone into a dash camera. This app not only has video but also GPS tracking as well. So for about 3 dollars, you can record while your drive. Which means you can use it as proof for many reasons but especially if you are pulled over and have to go to court for some reason. So drive safe and let these apps help you do so. SAFE DRIVING!

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