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Life Insurance

The only thing more uncomfortable than talking about your death is leaving behind love ones who are wholly unprepared for the financial burdens that accompany your passing.

Gordon Light knows that sometimes the most difficult conversations to begin are also the most important ones to have. With over a decade of experience in the life insurance Florida industry, he will ease your discomfort and construct a policy that secures your family’s future. At GEL Insurance protecting your loved ones is our first priority.

Why Buy Life Insurance?

Too many people mistakenly write off life insurance as an unnecessary expense, particularly if they’re not supporting a family. However, there are numerous reasons to buy life insurance that most people overlook.

Death benefits and life insurance investment payouts can be used to provide mortgage protection to secure the family home, income replacement to ensure a comfortable lifestyle, as well as burial and funeral expenses to prevent adding financial trauma to a grief-stricken loved one. Life insurance death benefits can even be applied to cover the cost of a college education.

Types of Life Insurance

The first step to knowing how to choose a life insurance product is to understand what kinds of life insurance policies are available and how they compare. That’s where working with a professional makes all the difference.

Gordon will decipher the difference between whole, universal, and term life insurance. He will help you navigate the many options available as life insurance policies differ in length of coverage, premium flexibility, accumulation and distribution of cash values, among other things. And he will not stop until you are satisfied and your family’s future is secured.

The Earlier, The Better

The earlier a life insurance policy goes into effect, the bigger the benefits are for the ones you leave behind. If you’re considering purchasing a life insurance policy, or are wondering which type of life insurance Florida is right for you – don’t put it off any longer.

Let’s begin with a simple conversation to explore your needs and the options available to you. GEL Insurance will take into account your unique situation and long-term insurance needs in order to craft a plan that works for you. Give us a call today at (954) 415-6453.

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